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观 · 照 —— 2018深圳美术馆当代影像艺术展

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The Special Exhibition on Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of China's Reform. and Opening-up

“ 观 · 照 —— 2018深圳美术馆当代影像艺术展 ”

View of City --- 2018 Shenzhen Art Museum Contemporary Photography Art Exhibition

总策划 Producer

张燕方  Zhang Yanfang

学术主持 Academic Host

韩望喜  Han Wangxi

策展人 Curator

游江  You Jiang

策展助理 Curationassistants

张腾 徐昇韵   Zhang Teng, Xu Shengyun

主办单位 Organizers

深圳美术馆  Shenzhen Art Museum

深圳市摄影家协会  Shenzhen Photographers Association

支持单位 Supporting Agency

深圳市宣传文化事业发展专项基金  Special Fund for Promoting the Development of Cultural Undertakings in Shenzhen

展出地点 Venue

深圳美术馆  Shenzhen Art Museum

展期 Duration

2018年6月21日 至 7月23日

June 21-July 23, 2018

开幕式时间 Opening Ceremony

2018年6月22日 下午4点

4:00 p.m, June 22, 2018

前 言








"Reform. and opening up" is one of the most significant events in the Chinese modern history. China has entered a new era of prosperity and development through reform. and opening up. In the context of historical change, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone which is inspired by the spirit of the age takes the lead to boldly make various attempts to become the pioneering city of reform. and opening up in China. It has provided valuable experience and made important contributions to China’s reform. and opening up and socialist modernization.

On the occasion of celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform. and opening up, Shenzhen Art Museum specially holds “View of the City --- 2018 Contemporary Photography Art Exhibition”. On the one hand, we elaborately selects 80-100 collected photography works which have explicit position coordinates or counterparts from over 500 old Shenzhen-themed photos taken during the period from the 1950s to the 1980s. For example, Shenzhen River, Wutong Mountain, Bijia Mountain, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Office Building, Huaqiang North, Xiangmi Lake, Overseas Chinese Town and Shahe Bridge are explicitly indicated in a group of photography works taken by Mr. He Huangyou along the Shennan Avenue by means of aerial-photography in 1984 and 1985. There also exist Bao’an County panorama, Shenzhen Theatre, Shenzhen Railway Station and a series of photography works taken by Mr. Zheng Zhongjian during the period from the 1950s to 1960s.

During the past over one year, we take the iconic buildings and landscape in these works as the focus, use the aerial photography of unmanned aerial vehicle at the same venue and same angle and realize the comparison of these photographs in the exhibition. We wish to provoke the sharp contrast between prototype of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the early 1980s and the metropolis outlook of Shenzhen in current days so as to intuitively present the great changes and achievements of Shenzhen since the reform. and opening up. On the other hand, the present exhibition invites well-known designers, architects and artists to participate in the display design and the creation of relevant works for the first time. They take in-depth exploration and research on historical photographs of Shenzhen, accumulate relevant creation materials and create a batch of contemporary art works characterized by abundant forms and humanistic feelings. In the meanwhile, three citizens are also invited to participate in the present exhibition. Their painting works and photography works not only record the massive historical changes of Shenzhen from their own perspectives, but also present people’s spiritual outlook in this historical process from another aspect.

In view of painting works, installation works and photography works in the present “View of the City --- 2018 Shenzhen Art Museum Contemporary Photography Art Exhibition”, we wish that these precious, documentary historical images and the artistic works ingeniously created by artists could present urban culture and historical vicissitudes of a migrant city by means of the comparison of the old and the new, the contrast of the dynamic and the static, multiple artistic languages and diversified visual presentation.

Shenzhen Art Museum

June, 2018


郑中健 《深圳罗湖福田》 20世纪60年代 (上图)

Zheng Zhongjian 《Luohu and Futian,Shenzhen》 1950s

张燕方 赖雅君  《深圳罗湖福田》  2018(下图)

Zhang Yanfang, Lai Yajun 《Luohu and Futian, Shenzhen》 2018

何煌友  《彩田梅林区域》  1983(上图)

He Huangyou 《The area of Caitian,Meilin》 1983

张燕方 赖雅君  《彩田梅林区域》  2017(下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai Yajun《The area of Caitian,Meilin》 2017

何煌友  《东湖区域》  1984 (上图)

He Huangyou 《The area of Donghu》 1984  

张燕方 赖雅君  《东湖区域》  2017(下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai Yajun《The area of Donghu》  2017

何煌友  《东门区域》  1979 (上图)

He Huangyou 《The area of Dongmen》 1979

张燕方 赖雅君  《东门区域》  2017 (下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai Yajun 《The area of Dongmen》  2017

何煌友  《蛇口港湾大道通信山区域》  1981 (上图)

He Huangyou 《The area of Tongxin Mountain,Gangwan Avenue,Shekou》 1981

张燕方 赖雅君 《 蛇口港湾大道通信山区域》  2018(下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai YajunThe area of Tongxin Mountain,Gangwan Avenue,Shekou》  2018

何煌友  《深南大道岗厦区域(现福田中心区区域)》  1983(上图)

He Huangyou 《The area of Gangxia of Shennan Avenue(The central area of Futian at the present time)》 1983

张燕方 赖雅君  《深南大道福田中心区区域(原深南大道岗厦区域)》  2018 (下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai Yajun 《The central area of Futian of Shennan Avenue(The area of Gangxia of Shennan Avenue at the past) 》 2018

何煌友  《深圳市体育中心区域》  1985(上图)

He Huangyou 《The area of Shenzhen Sports Center》  1985

张燕方 赖雅君  《深圳市体育中心区域》  2017 (下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai Yajun 《The area of Shenzhen Sports Center》  2017

何煌友  《蛇口海上世界区域》  1984 (上图)

He Huangyou 《The area of Sea World,Shekou》1984

张燕方 赖雅君  《蛇口海上世界区域》  2018 (下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai Yajun 《The area of Sea World,Shekou》  2018

何煌友  《盐田渔港区域》  1978 (上图)

He Huangyou  《The area of Yantian Fishing Port》1978

张燕方 赖雅君  《盐田渔港区域》  2017 (下图)

ZhangYanfang, Lai Yajun 《The area of Yantian Fishing Port》  2017



余加 《结绳记事》 装置作品草图 2018

Yu Jia《Tale Of The Knot》Installation's Sketch  2018

余加 《结绳记事》 装置作品草图 2018

Yu Jia《Tale Of The Knot》Installation's Sketch  2018


柏志威&BAIS团队(叶子业、曾丽珊、王紫娴)  《唔该有落 》  摄影灯箱装置  2018

Bai Zhiwei&BAIS team(Ye Zhiye, Zeng Lishan,Wang Zixian)  《M GOI JAU LOK》 Photography lightbox installation  2018

《唔该有落 》作品局部 《M GOI JAU LOK》Detail

《唔该有落 》作品局部 《M GOI JAU LOK》Detail

朱黎 《起承转合》 装置  2018

Zhu Li《Opening, Developing, Changing & Concluding》 Installation 2018

《起承转合》 作品局部

《Opening, Developing, Changing & Concluding》Detail


赖雅君  《福田夜色》无人机航拍 灯箱装置  2018

Lai Yajun《Futian at Nightfall》UAV aerial photography Installation 2018

观众可使用VR设备进行体验  Audience can use VR to experience


郭维孪  《罗湖2018》 纸本水墨  2018

Guo Weiluan 《Luohu 2018》Ink-wash painting 2018


陈宗浩 《深圳市福田中心区2017-2004-1998

Chen Zonghao 《The central area of Futian,Shenzhen》  2017-2004-1998

陈宗浩 《深圳蛇口全貌2017-1985

Chen Zonghao 《The full-landscape of Shekou,Shenzhen》  2017-1985

谭喜强 《海上世界》 1993

谭喜强 《蛇口街景之一》 1993

谭喜志 《蛇口避风塘之二》 1981

谭喜志 《蛇口家家有电话》 1990




张燕方 Zhang Yanfang

副主任 Deputydirector

王子蚺 Wang Ziran

委 员 Members Of The Committee:

(按姓氏笔划排列 listed inno particular order)


WanHuangting, Wang Ziran, Zhang Yanfang, Zhao Weidong, Han Wangxi, Qin Jingxia, LiXiaoyang, You Jiang

平面设计 Graphic Design

一木设计 Yi Mu Design

展示设计 Display Design

尹烨斌邓础宏 Yin Yebin, Deng Chuhong

特邀批评家 Specially Invited Critics

郭延容 Sun Cui, Guo Yanrong

公共教育组织与策划 Public Education Organization And Planning


Shenzhen Art Museum Public Education Department, 807 Lab

展 务 Exhibition's Staff

寸松 王芳 李原原 张斐然 杨世伍 杨学良 粟愿 曾标 梁清愿

Cun Song, Wang Fang, Li Yuanyuan, Zhang Feiran, Yang Shiwu, Yang Xueliang, Su Yuan, Zeng Biao, Liang Qingyuan

媒体支持 Media Support


Artron.net, People's Daily, Xinhua News,China National Radio, Shenzhen News FM 89.8, Art News of China, China CultureNews, China Art Weekly, Yangcheng Evening News, Hong Kong Commercial Daily,Shenzhen Economic Daily, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, Southern MetropolisDaily, Shenzhen Evening News, Jing Newspaper(Jing Bao), Lohas Shenzhen, 318art.cn, Guangdong Fine Arts, sznews.com, shtv.net.cn.


开放时间 / Open Time

上午09:00 至 17:00

全年免费开放 逢周一休馆(Admission free all the year,closed on Monday)

联系 / Contact






交通指引/ Guide

公交:3 / 17 /360 / 320 至 "水库"站下车,入东湖公园,沿指示牌约500米

Take the No. 3/17/360/320 bus to "Reservoir" terminal, please go inside the Easterern Lake Park,go straightly,you will see the zoo in the left hand side,keep walking towards the end of ther road,the museum is 500 meters away from the park entrance.

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